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The beach outside of Michelangelo

One of our new favorite “date nights” in Torrevieja is to jump on a bus and just ride it, get off somewhere we see restaurants, and try someplace completely new and spontaneous.

Ever since Terri-Lynn got her buss pass she loves to ride the bus

The first bus to come around this night was line E. Torrevieja – Lago Jardin – Los Balcones. This time of year (February) the surrounding Urbanizations outside of the city are pretty quiet and most restaurants are closed, so we just stayed on the bus and got off on Av. Dr. Gregorio Maranon. It was a beautiful night so we walked on the beach and saw a charming looking Italian place that was located at the bottom of an apartment complex, not accessible to the beach. It looked cute so we walked around the building, got to the street, went into the gates of the apartment complex, walked around the empty pool and to the front door. They looked closed. The man inside opened the door and welcomed us in, they were just opening the cocina for dinner, it was 19:00.

The view is lovely looking out at the lights of the harbor reflecting on the water so we sat. Immediately we were brought over complimentary glasses of cava. OK, so I guess we are staying. There was no one else there, we ordered a Tortellini dish and a bottle of house wine. The menu listed the Tortellini as spinach in a butter sage sauce. He informed us they were out of sage, but suggested he would make us the Tortellini with “cuatro quesos”.

“OK! that would be great”, we said. He then got on the phone and called in the chef.

We waited, drank wine and watched as the chef made the tortellini from scratch as well as the bread dough. The pasta arrived, we took one bite which was about 1/3 of a tortellini, they were Grande, maybe the largest I have seen. And, absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! We were so happy they were out of sage!

Hand made Spinach Tortellini. Maybe one of the best I have had. $10 euro.

But as they say, wait. There is more. The pizza oven opens and out comes fresh baked bread, they warned us “Very Hot” in Italian. We pounced on them, incredible.

Fresh out of the oven

So here is the thing. Micheangelo Pizzeria and Ristorante is well worth checking out. It is hard to see from the street (there is a sandwich board). But the food is authentic, simple, excellent Italian food. The service is very very good.

They kept bringing more bread and eventually a tomato, oregano, garlic condiment for the extra bread.
They brought us Limoncello with the bill.

And Terri-Lynn loved that the menus were hand written.

Final conclusion, we will go back.

Av. Dr. Gregorio Maranon 41 Bajo Izdo, 03185 El Acequion Torrevieja +34 96 627 20 91

“La espeza del placer, es el placer en si’ misme”

“The expectation of pleasure is pleasure itself”

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