Fataga – Gran Canaria


Fataga is a town in the wine growing region on Gran Canaria. When we visited we tried to find a tasting room open at one of the Bodega’s but they were all closed. We also did not see any vineyards, just a few dried up vines near where the Bodega signs led us.

Driving on Gran Canaria can be a shock at first. Narrow roads that only accommodate one car are actually two lane roads that wrap around hair pin blind curves. Luckily everyone drives slow, honks around corners and it can actually be pretty exciting, once you get used to it.

We came up here looking for wine but we were not successful. We also came to try a popular restaurant and their signature dish the Carne de Cabra or goat stew. The restaurant, Restaurante El Albaricoque Fataga has quite the amazing view.

The sunny outside terrace
The street side of Restaurante El Albaricoque Fataga

We ordered the Carne de Cabra and also bread with cheese. It was a delicious lunch in an incredible setting. Highly recommended.

Carne De Cabra. (Goat stew) and papas arrugadas (salty potatoes with sauce)

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