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Throughout the year the city of Torrevieja is the gastronomic destination of choice as local restaurants and tourism committees come together to create delicious weekends where the streets are filled with foodies carrying maps in search of their next small bite. Normally in Torrevieja you will find a cana or glass of vino with a tapa for $1 Euro – $1.50 Euro. So this is not a “deal” in the economic sense since most offerings are $2.50 Euro for a glass of wine and a Tapa. What makes it special are the types of Tapas on offer. They tend to be more creative using products that would not usually be found at your typical Tapas bar. We Love these events and are always very excited when they happen. These events have also shown us a very large variety of new restaurants in a short amount of time (we can usually hit around 18 in one weekend, but we are professionals).

Luz De Mar Restaurante

This was our first stop. We actually did not try the rice dish as everyone at our table wanted the Salmon Ceviche.

On this excursion we were joined by friends from Sweden

Restaurante El Pescador

El Pescador has been a favorite of ours in past Tapas events and as usual they offered delicious and attractive dishes.

Hostal HB Torrevieja

On the left is Croqueta Crujiente De Callos. In the middle a cinnamon flavored couscous and on the right Rollito De Calabacin Con Queso De Cabra Sobre Miel Mostaza. (Zucchini roll with goat cheese and honey mustard) 

Restaurante Rincon De Capis

This was a new discovery for us. A local restaurant tucked down a small street. Both offerings were delicious. We noticed they have a 7 course “creativo menu” for only $25 Euro including a 1/2 bottle of wine. We would later celebrate my 50th birthday here. There is a separate Blog post about that meal.

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Copas & Tapas

Empanada De Bacalao Rioja 

Casa Juani

Tapa & Cana

The above two restaurants, and the four dishes were more of our favorites from the week. Yes, that is pink Bechamel.

That was our first weekend. The event is spread out over two weekends, thankfully. Below is where we found ourselves on week two.

Bar La Gaviota

Our first stop on week #2. The first dish, the quail egg over fried potatoes was not too exciting of a way to start the day. The Rabbit dish was good.

Tapa & Cana

Tapa & Cana often has some of our favorite offerings during these events so we came back here on week two. We both agreed that they did their best dishes on week one. These were both just OK. Philly cheese in deep fried pastry is not my favorite thing and teriyaki sushi just makes no sense at all. Also, why is there a fork on my sushi plate?

Casa Juani

Bar Tapería Los Zamoranos

At this point we were starting to become unimpressed with week two. Maybe we were making the wrong choices, there are 31 participating restaurants after all and so of course not every one is going to be a winner. The first dish here was essentially just a Thai spring roll so nothing to write about. Finally, however our day looked a bit brighter with the salmon over the cream of spinach. Must choose wisely. You’ll (likely) never make it to all 31 restaurants.

Hostal HB

Restaurante El Pescador

This was our final stop on Nos Vamos De Tapas. As mentioned it has consistently been a restaurant that really tries to go above expectations and we are ceratinly happy we made this our final stop. It seems surprising that we have not yet visited during normal hours to try something off their regular menu. It is on the list.

So that does it! Another fantastic Tapas week in Torrevieja. Our taste buds will be anxiously awaiting the next culinary adventure on the Costa Blanca.

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