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There is only one place to find an American Breakfast. After 20 years of visiting 30 countries throughout parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and central America I just last week came to that realization. You will only find an American Breakfast in America.

In Vietnam there is Pho. In Costa Rica beans and rice. In Cambodia BBQ pork over rice. In France, bread. In Spain, a tostada. India, deep fried dough with a curry. Africa, whatever you might be lucky enough to find. Central Asia has buns stuffed with mutton and China, steamed buns. I travel for food. So this is not a problem. In fact I Love it! But usually there comes a time when you just want a big over the top 3,000 calorie breakfast bomb. It is comforting. It reminds you of home. Weather you are only on the road for 30 days or an extended trip of 1-2 years there will a morning when you wake up and want hash browns, eggs, meat, country gravy, hollandaise sauce. You get the idea.

So I do take my Breakfasts seriously. Especially coming from Portland, Oregon where the breakfast / brunch is an event. A 60-90 minute wait is the norm. A meal that 4 people could share is standard. I once found myself in a restaurant called gravy on Mississippi avenue looking at a 12 egg omelette, hash-browns and country gravy. Terri-Lynn and I shared it and we still had leftovers. We never went back.

I am sharing these memories while writing this on the Costa Blanca on the coast of Spain. There is nothing like that here. Locals start their day with a Tostada, basically half a baguette, toasted and topped with either olive oil, tomato, cheese or canned tuna. I am looking at the brunch pictures from Babica Hen cafe and drooling. We ate there many times before starting our work day of filming wineries in the Willamette Valley AVA. It is a good choice. Heavy food before a day of drinking wine. Here are a few dishes that we ate.

Corned Beef Hash with Hollandaise. Delicious, my favorite.
Chicken and Waffles. I had never heard of this dish before moving to Portland and it took me years to try it. Surprisingly it is actually pretty good.
Mexican spiced prawns. Polenta. 2 eggs. Red chili sauce. Cotija cheese. Bread.
Bloody trio. Three infused vodkas. Jalapeno. Serrano dill. Rosemary garlic. I am not a fan of Bloody Marys, but Terri-Lynn is. She says these were amazing!
Smoked salmon avocado. Pickle onion. Tomato. capers. dill. hollandaise. English muffin. .
Blueberry Brulee French Toast. Amaretto Blueberries & caramel.

I have more breakfast shots, way too many. I think the above will suffice in portraying the offerings of Babica Hen Cafe for breakfast.

We can now move on to lunch. This is not a place to go if you are on a diet. It’s just not. And that is OK. This is comfort food. American food. Heavy, tasty and full of fat. Here comes lunch!

Lets just start with the worst of the worst, or perhaps the best of the best.
Mad beaver burger. Bacon. Blue cheese. Fried onions. Mad beaver sauce. Side of tornado tony chili.  This is a really good burger. really good. Just plan on running 10k, going to the gym, doing some yoga… anything… afterwards. This will make you feel both sick and very happy at the same time. But it was worth it, and yes, I would do it again.
OK, fine. Maybe this would be a healthy choice. Grilled avocado bowl. Quinoa, black beans, orange, pomegranate, grilled corn,cucumber,bell pepper,onion,cilantro,basil,coriander vinaigrette, mint cream.
OK. Well I guess we did eat healthier here then I remembered. Beet,apple,quinoa,chicken,greens,blue cheese,red onion,hazelnuts, berry balsamic vinaigrette .
Shredded chicken tostada. Tinga chicken, black beans, fried eggs, pico de Gallo, salsa roja, lettuce, cotiga, avocado, sour cream.
Life is good
And yes, do not forget we are in wine country.

So. Obviously. We like Babica Hen Cafe.

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