Romantic Beach House on the Oregon Coast


The southern Oregon coast is a truly special place. I should know, we lived there for 10 years and have owned this piece of paradise for 20 years. Yes this is our home filled with treasures we have collected from some of the most remote regions on the planet. Since 2012 we have been sharing our home with visitors as a beach rental and this makes us very happy. We completely renovated this small coastal home and it truly deserves to be occupied with new people making new memories. I’ll place the various links to the property further down this post. We use Air BnB, Flipkey / Trip advisor and VRBO so you can use your preferred platform for booking.

We Offer our home as a special retreat for 2 persons as well as your furry family members and we are delighted that many special times such as anniversaries, honeymoons and birthdays have been spent here.

The home sits on an 80 foot bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean and a beach that rarely sees footprints. Beach access is a short walk down a street bordered by shore pines.

The only footprints you see on our beach may be your own

I landscaped the yard with tropical plants as we are in what is called “the Banana Belt” so you will find plants that typically should not grow in the Pacific Northwest. This also means that weather year around is extraordinary. I can remember a January when the day time highs were 65 and it never rained.

Hawaiian Ginger
This is Bisque Kitt. He welcomes your furry family member(s) to enjoy his large open back yard. He is currently enjoying daily Tapas in Spain.

There are two large decks that we spent many an afternoon watching the sun set into the Pacific ocean or having a romantic dinner. During certain times of the year we can watch the whale migration from here.

The ‘magical deck’ Judging by the extra blankets this must have been “winter”

We are both self employed artists so our home reflects that. It is full of color and artwork.

Living Room
Living room and kitchen

There is an ocean view from every room in the house except the bedroom. There is also a wood stove that provides a romantic ambiance and heats up the house during the winter months.

And those sunsets

Below are the various links you can use to book this very special Beach House.

Air BnB VRBO Flipkey

What to do once you are here and dining suggestions

Gold Beach is not close to anywhere. The drive to get here is spectacular regardless of the direction you are coming from. Either north or south on Hwy 101 or from the Rogue valley on Hwy 199. That being the case, and with the amount of activities in the area it is easy to fill up one week and still not get to everything.

Dining in Gold Beach is casual and simple, it is the Oregon coast. For breakfast we love Indian Creek Cafe and it is probably the oldest breakfast cafe here. The food is the typical country breakfast and the portions are huge. The food is very good. We could easily share one of their omelettes. The location is also worth mentioning as the cafe sits on the creek and has an outside deck for dining. In the fall we can watch the salmon swimming up river.

A video we produced for Indian Creek Cafe

For lunch we recommend the Port Hole cafe. This is also a family run restaurant and the owner Tony will likely be the person greeting you as you enter. The food is Americana home cooking and the quality is excellent. It’s location too can not be beat as it sits down at the port with bay views. Outside your window you will likely see seals and sea lions and it is not unusual to see the resident Bald eagles circling overhead looking for their next meal.

A video we produced for the Porthole Cafe
An eagle on the river bank outside of the Porthole cafe

For dinner the choice is absolutely Spinners. It is the standard Steak house and one word I always use to describe the food and service here is ‘consistent’. The preparation is simple steakhouse type of dining and the food has always been fabulous. I am a big fan of their magret de pato as they cook the duck breast perfectly rare. This dish also changes by the season and I like that. Terri-Lynn likes the filet mignon with bernaise and another of my favorites is the Asian chicken. Their is always a seasonal salad and my favorite salad is the tomato feta with pickled onions.

A video we produced for Spinners Steak Seafood and Chophouse

If you happen to be like us and your palette tends to gravitate towards more of the ethnic flair here are your options. The towns of Brookings / Harbor are just over 30 minutes away down one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. More on that later when we get to the “things to do” section of this Blog. There is a good Pizza place called Wild Rivers Pizza that is also a craft brewery, the Russian Imperial Stout is amazing. For Chinese we have always enjoyed The Rice Bowl. There are a few Tex Mex places in town that are all about the same quality and pretty good. There are a number of other restaurants here too that we have enjoyed and a new sushi place that I believe has Pho on the menu though I have not tried it. If you are looking for Indian food that would be 3 hours away in Medford and we have enjoyed India Palace Restaurant but if you are exploring southern Oregon, as you should be then this is an option. You will drive by the Oregon caves which really is a must and the spectacular and unique Out n’ About Treesort with one of the best zipline courses in the Pacific Northwest. For Thai you will need to drive 2 hours north to the town of Florence where you will find Best Thai Cuisine which again is on my list of activities that follows. There are a few craft breweries in the area, the nearest to our home would be Arch Rock Brewing in Hunter creek. Brookings has a few and one of our favorites is Chetco Brewing.

A video we produced for the city of Brookings featuring a variety of restaurants

What to do

I think the best way to organize this might be daily schedules. Hiking here is some of the best in the world and each small town on the coast has it’s own charm and personality. I am starting from the south.

Day 1 – The California Redwoods and Brookings.

Just over the border are the California Redwoods. The tallest living things on earth. If you have not stood in a redwood forest please do not miss this opportunity to do so. Jedidiah Smith park is the nearest and easiest access but there are many other trail-heads. Damnation creek is amazing and much less visited. You can enjoy lunch in Brookings and this makes an excellent day trip.

Add-on If you have time you could try and fit in a visit to the Out ‘n About Treesort and participate in their zipline course. Taking a tour of the Oregon caves is also nearby as are a few very good wineries. We especially enjoy Foris vineyards. This would be a lot to do in one day with the Redwoods so you may want to spread this out over two days.

A video we made for the ziplines at Out n’ About Treesort
A video we made at the Oregon Caves

Day 2 – Hiking the Samuel H. Boardman state park.

Terri-Lynn and I have traveled the world and often the purpose of our travels is hiking. We have hiked through jungles in Africa, rain-forests in Costa Rica and Malaysia, various regions in China, the Cinque Terra in Italy, the Swiss alps, Desolation wilderness in the Sierras and the Alsace region of France to name a few. This hike, the Samuel H. Boardman state park is truly one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. In fact if I were to make a list of my top ten favorite hikes this would certainly make that list.

It is also very easily accessible off Hwy 101 from numerous pullouts and you will be driving by these pullouts on your way to Brookings. A few favorites are, starting at the south Indian Sands. This is an amazing place in the winter to watch the big waves crash into the cliffs.

Next you will come to Natural Bridges. This is a good stop for those with limited mobility as the viewpoint is a short distance down a nice boardwalk. Next is Thunder Rock Cove. This is my favorite stop. From the parking area choose the trail on the north side and go down. You will come to a headland with shear drops on both sides and a 180 degree view north to south hundreds of feet above the Pacific.

Thunder Rock Cove looking north

Arch Rock is another good option for those not interested in hiking as you can enjoy the view from your car.

View from the parking area at Arch Rock

All of these trail-heads are connected and it is very possible to hike the entire trail in one day and we have done this many times, though ideally it would be best to have two cars beginning your journey at Arch Rock and leaving a car at Indian Sands. It is about 12 miles so not too long but the trail follows the coastal headlands so there are numerous elevation gains and descents as you climb up and down the headlands. Caution: This trail hugs the coastal cliffs sometimes hundreds of feet above the ocean with vertical drops. This is part of the spectacular scenery but please keep your dogs on a leash and pay close attention to your children.

This is an excellent video we made showing the entire park

Day 3 – Jet Boating

I highly recommend this day long adventure. When I first moved to Gold Beach I was skeptical. I’m a hiker and part of hiking is going where many can not and enjoying the peaceful serenity of the wilderness and wildlife. But yes the wilderness should be enjoyed by everyone, this is how we will preserve it. This is an activity for those with limited mobility but also for all people and especially families with young children. I actually believe now that it is such a valuable attraction here as the tours take you upriver through the wild and scenic portion and into an area that usually could only be accessed by a long hike or rafting. You will see wildlife and lots of it. Sea lions, seals, river otter, mink, Bald eagles, osprey, deer and very likely black bear. I encourage you to book the 52 mile trip. It is worth it as it takes you into the wild and scenic region up class three rapids to the base of Blossom Bar, the furthest one can navigate up river from Gold Beach. The trip includes a lunch stop in the small community of Agness. This is a full day trip. Jerry’s Rogue Jets is located at the port of Gold Beach.

A video we made of taking the jet boats upriver

Day 4 – Fishing

This is the Oregon coast. Many people travel here to do this everyday of their vacation. The Rogue river has something swimming in it all through the year. Winter months it is Steelhead season and it is very easy to catch these fish off the banks of the river. Inquire at the Rogue outdoor store, where you can also get your license and gear, or just travel upriver and look for where the locals are fishing. Come Spring salmon begin their return to spawn and the Springers are the most flavorful and moist salmon you will ever eat due to their high fat content. Again, it is easy to catch these fish by “plunking” from the shore. Ocean fishing is also very good. Every time we went out we caught our limit which was 20 rock fish and 2 ling cod. I also enjoy surf fishing for perch and you can do that right out the backdoor of our beach house.

Catching a Springer salmon (from a boat) on the Rogue river
Ocean fishing. Tidewind Sportfishing is an excellent charter boat company that operates out of Brookings Harbor.

Day 5 – Hiking the Rogue and Illinois Rivers

This option is only for those that enjoy spending a day hiking. If you would prefer to see the wilderness not from a jet boat then this is for you. There are two very good trails, one leading up the Rogue river and one up the Illinois river. For both you will travel up the Rogue by car to the trail-heads. They are both great, and both full day adventures.

Hiking the Illinois river trail
Hiking the Rogue River trail

Day 6 – Exploring the coastal towns north of Gold Beach

As I mentioned earlier every town on the coast is unique. They all have something different to experience. When we first moved here we would spend a day driving and exploring. This is what I would recommend. Leaving the Beach House you will come to Port Orford about 20 minutes away. The port here is unique as it is one of the only open ports in the world. What that means is the boats are not moored in the water but rather on dry dock. These are also all small individually owned commercial fishing boats. You really are stepping into a very special culture here. The boats are lifted by crane from the ocean and this is quite the site. Do make a stop here and you will likely witness this. This is also a good place for crabbing during the winter months.

A video we made about all there is to do in Port Orford

Oh, and on your way you will pass Prehistoric Gardens. It is worth stopping, the life size replicas of dinosaurs will be interesting and the foliage is amazing, a very lush coastal rain forest with an easy pathway for walking.

A video we made of Prehistoric Gardens

After Port Orford you will come to Bandon. I should mention here that each town is about a 30 minute drive apart. Bandon has a nice “tourist” area full of restaurants and souvenir shops and is a nice stop to stretch your legs. The best part about Bandon is the West Coast Game Park where you can hold baby exotic animals.

A video we made about West Coast Game Park

Next on your way north on Hwy 101 you will see a turn off for the small fishing town of Charleston. This is also a commercial fishing town. You will then come to Coos Bay, which I really do not have anything to direct you to as it is more of a place to just drive through, sorry Coos Bay.

Finally you are making your way to Reedsport and then Florence. Florence has a very nice touristy area similar to Bandon but on the Siuslaw river with plenty of restaurants and shops and is delightful to walk around. It is also your gateway to the Oregon Dunes. The Oregon dunes are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in the continental United States. They are amazing and vast, you will not see them all. There are two distinct sections. For hiking you will want to find the trail heads that are wilderness areas closed off to ATVs. The dunes attract many visitors each year to come and play on the sand with their OHVs. This is fine, if you are into that but if you want to enjoy the nature and silence you will most certainly want to avoid those areas. This is also a good area for sandboarding.

This is a very detailed video of many outdoor activities around the Oregon Dunes that we produced for the Reedsport Chamber of Commerce

Day 7 – Relax

Even though the southern Oregon coast can keep you busy for days you may find yourself not leaving the Beach House. Our home is a very magical place. If cooking and foraging are your thing you will love creating meals here with local products while looking at the ocean from our kitchen window.

Just outside our back door there are rocks on the beach full of mussels. These will be the freshest mussels you have ever eaten. Please check the current restrictions, licensing and for a red tide. You can do so at the Rogue Outdoor store in Gold Beach.

Cooking mussels we just harvested from the rocks on our beach over a bonfire

Between the end of July and January is mushroom season. This is Oregon, we have mushrooms! Each year I went a bit crazy taking off into the woods. I never had to travel far, sometimes on our mourning walks I would come back with a bag full of chanterells and Boletes.

This was a particularly good day.
Not all foraging has to be edible! In the early spring wild daffodils line the coastal bluffs. Free bouquets!

Some other local products I would definitely suggest trying is the local seafood, even if you do not catch it yourself. Our local fish market is Fishermens Direct located at the Port of Gold Beach. Do try the Albacore tuna. I used to be all about Ahi (I am Hawaiian) especially when making sushi but after living in Gold Beach I can never go back. Albacore has a much different texture, it literally melts in your mouth. Just toss the rice and have sashimi. This is also where you will find local Dungeness crab in the winter. Again, no other crab compares.

A plate of sushi we made using the local Albacore
Albacore tuna loin from Fishermens Direct

We spent many afternoons picnicking in our back yard looking at the ocean

Not a bad spot for a meal

Below are the various links you can use to book this very special Beach House.

Air BnB VRBO Flipkey

Of course spending hours walking on the open and sometimes deserted beaches will occupy much of your time here.

This is China Beach in the Samuel H. Boardman park

And while beach combing there is also tide-pooling. Explore the tide-pools and keep a close watch on the ocean. Hint: The low tides occur during the full moons. You can find many sea creatures just out the door from the Beach House.

Add another day – Ocean Kayaking

When we moved to the Oregon coast in 2001 people told us there were only two reasons why people visit Gold Beach. Jet boats and fishing. We new upon our arrival there could not be anything further from the truth. For the next ten years we worked with the cities and tourism committees on the southern Oregon coast to show how much there really is to do here.

One new business I was very excited about was South Coast Tours. Owner Dave Lacey is a kayaking guide that offers once in a lifetime trips out onto the ocean where his guests often kayak with grey whales and catch rock fish. He provides all the necessary equipment for a fun and safe day on the water.

A video we made kayaking on the ocean. We once played with Grey whales for 30 minutes! This was on our own, not on a tour as we launched our boat on our beach outside the Beach House.

I could keep going on. Like I said we lived here for ten years. It is an outdoor paradise and since there is no late night arts and music scene you will find yourself having plenty of daylight hours to discover this very special place.

Below are the various links you can use to book this very special Beach House.

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