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So far the Indian food we have had in Spain has been good. Coming from the States the biggest difference is that each restaurant is, well different. In the States the Indian food tends to all be the same. It is good, but rarely will you find anything that stands out to be different. India is a big country. Each region has it’s own cuisine. The north to the south is a completely different type of cooking. The coastal regions have their own flair and depending on which colonial country gave their influence is what will determine the regional styles and ingredients (think vindaloo inspired by the Portugese that brought pork over fermented in wine barrels or of course the classic Tikka Masala which is actually a British dish). That is what I have really enjoyed about Indian food in Spain, each restaurant might be owned by people from a different region in India and the food they serve reflects that region.

We found Seaview Restaurante in the nearby town of La Mata. We started going there for the weekly market on Wednesdays. The farmers markets here are the exact opposite of the United States. In the States we could not afford to shop at the weekly markets as they were too expensive. Here buying fresh produce from the farmers is often 300% cheaper. Example: in the stores you might pay $3 euro for 1 kilo of clementines. At the market you can get 3 kilos for $1 euro. You see the difference.

So we started coming here and now, it is just a regular stop on our trips to La Mata. The restaurant sits on the beach so the setting is of course wonderful.

Seaview is the red canopy, they will gladly set up a table on the sand for you if you like.

The menu del dia is a fantastic value. Way too much food. We usually take some to go which makes a perfect meal for the next day but, on our last visit we ate the whole thing. We skipped dinner that night. It is $9.90 euro per person and includes 1 beverage. We upsell to a full bottle for an additional $5 euro. Here it is…..

course 1 – papadam with chutneys

I keep saying I could come here and just order this and some wine and be good. That will likely never happen but these chutneys are some of my favorites and the papadam is plain light and the perfect vehicle for the sauces.

course 2 (mine) – Chicken Tikka Salad

I have written about the salads in Spain before. They are simple and come with corn. So this is a typical Spanish salad with tandoori chicken. It’s awesome, I have it every time.

course 2 (Terri-Lynn) Chicken Samosas

Of course Terri-Lynn will gravitate towards the fried food. I usually do not care for Samosas. I’m fine with them, but they are usually encased in a fairly heavy dough. It’s like eating potato filled dough deep fried, not my thing. These however, we agree are the best Samosas ever. Rather than dough the outside is more like a won ton wrapper and the inside is just minced chicken and spices so they are way lighter than what you would expect.

course 3 – a choice of curry, nan or rice

For the main course you can choose from a few different curries and either nan or rice. Since we are two people one of us gets the nan and one chooses the rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is a British dish so therefor it is extremely mild. Seaview does a great job as we order it extra extra extra extra hot. It turns out great. Recently I had the chicken Madras, also extra hot. It was delicious and we enjoyed ordering both dishes and sharing as the flavors were very different, and very very hot. Of course if you don’t like spice just order it normal as I said tikka masala is British, they do not do “picante”.

Finally there is dessert. We just order the ice cream. A good way to end a spicy meal.

The check comes with 2 shots. Terri-Lynn does baileys, I do Brandy.

And as you can see this lovely meal, that could have leftovers is only $24.80 euros. One of our favorite Indian Restaurants on the Costa Blanca.

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