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The happiest place on earth. That’s a pretty big statement so some back story is warranted.

I believe it was 2004 and we had just entered into what would become our new business for the next 15 plus years as a media company promoting tourism based businesses in the Pacific Northwest. We started out on TV, KBSC television located in Brookings Oregon.

This was also the year we would say goodbye our beloved dog Moaki. He raised us from kids. We were in our early thirties so you can imagine our attachment to him as he was with us during our “growing” years called our 20’s. We had just released our first TV show called “Coastal Treasures” and also the first season of “Discover the Rogue Valley”. These two projects kept us occupied as we watched Moaki slowly decline until one day during the first week of July we had to make that terrible decision pet owners make. It is a heartbreaking thing to do but also one of the most compassionate, loving and selfless decisions one will ever make in their lives.

Moaki age 15. Still a handsome man.
Saying goodbye to an old friend
One last nap together
Moaki and his cat Hopie. She would be with us for another 8 years, start traveling on film shoots and eventually welcome a new dog friend, Bisque Kitt.
Making the decision

OK. Back to the happiest place story. July is also my birthday month and while we were filming people told us about a place called the Treesort. Everyone said we had to visit and film there. Terri-Lynn booked a treehouse for my birthday. We arrived and stayed in a treehouse called the Treeloon. It was an amazing experience.

This is when I first met Michael Garnier, the creator of this magical place. I did not know at the time we would from that point on be friends and family for life. He had just begun to build what he described as the largest treehouse in the world and what would become his new home. Our stay was over but he said we could camp under his apple tree for a few days if I wanted to film and document the building of his new home. We said of course! This is where the Moaki connection comes in. We were still in mourning and while sleeping under the apple tree an old dog came to visit us and stayed with us for the next few days, he had Moaki’s spirit.

Over the next 2 years I would make the 2 hour drive from Gold Beach to Takilma to document the construction. It was fascinating and I became hooked, I was officially a “treemusketeer”! I have learned so much from Michael and he is a true inspiration.

The 32 minute documentary filmed over two years of building one of the worlds largest treehouses

Over the next 15 years we would travel and film there often. Every October we would film the World Treehouse conference that attracts engineers, architects and treehouse builders from around the world. We would make great friends and meet more inspiring people who think not just outside of the box but those who truly have no box.

Scott Baker is an arborist from Seattle Washington. This is one of his key note speeches from the World Treehouse Conference

Throughout the years there were many times we would be filled with the daily stress of our lives operating a media and marketing company just the two of us and we would arrive at the treesort for another film shoot. Immediately upon crossing over the property line I could feel a sense of peace. Like the weight of the world was suddenly lifted. It really is that special of a place.

So here is what you can expect when visiting Out ‘n’ About Treesort. You will be sleeping in the trees. Your Treehouse might be rustic, such as the Cavaltree or luxurious such as the Majestree.

Regardless, you will find yourself in an oasis of peace. There is a campfire in the middle of the resort. In the morning breakfast is provided. The breakfast is phenomenal. Made with love. There has always been one or two quiches, scrambled eggs, meats, fresh baked muffins and pastries, fresh fruit. This is not breakfast continental, this is a breakfast you would gladly pay for out at a restaurant.

During the day you can, do nothing. There is a swimming pool that is filled with water from the Illinois river, (I did mention Michael Garnier is brilliant?)

Then there is the Zip Line course. We have filmed almost every zip line course in the Pacific Northwest. This is the best, hands down. It is VERY safe, but also very intense. There are times when you are heading directly towards a tree, but at the last minute your weight and gravity avoids it. There was a time when they figured out how to zip up… I think that one is gone now. There has also been a time to zip into your treehouse, the majestree, but things are always changing here.

Just one of the many videos we made of the zip line course

And then there is the Tarzan Swing. My favorite part of this video are the blood curdling screams from Terri-Lynn as she free falls towards the ground.

They also have horseback rides and rafting trips on the Illinois river. But honestly, it is nice just to hang out during the day under a tree. Below are short walk through videos of all the treehouses at Out ‘n’ About Treesort.

Tree Room Suite
Peacock Perch

These Treehouses have been a work in progress over many years and require constant maintenance. Each one is unique and we have had the privilege to stay in most of them.


The newest addition to the Treesort is the new off site satellite resort called the Bud N Breakfast. This is Michaels legal grow site. In Oregon cannibus is legal and this very unique adult only resort allows the guest to stay in a treehouse overlooking a Marijuana farm. During certain times of the year guests are invited to help pick and there is even the possibility of planting your own plants and having Michael’s team care for them throughout the year until harvest season.

Finally, a last tour of Out ‘n’ About Treesort that I made a few years back set to the music of a project I did with a friend from Ghana in west Africa. He visited us for 3 months from his mud hut village outside of Bolgatanga and we recorded an album together.

We have been sharing our content through pictures, videos and blogs for years and we do this, as you can see at no charge to you, the reader and viewer. If you would like to support our work there are many ways to do so. Subscribe to our Youtube channels, subscribe to this blog, follow us on our various social media accounts and best yet, if you like the music in this video, please consider downloading it, it is only .99 cents. Or, you may purchase the entire Bolga Brothers CD for only $9.99. Terri-Lynn and I rely on this very small income to live, so we appreciate it very much.

Download the song Patience .99 Here

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