Ruta De La Tapas 2018


We are new arrivals to Torrevieja and Spain. Having recently just purchased a flat and making the decision to make this our home we are hungry for knowledge of the local culture and activities in this area. While looking at real estate one of our brokers told us about “Tapas weeks” when the bars and cafes around town would participate in these events. So after just a few months of living in Torrevieja we came upon by chance, our first Tapas week.

These events designed to attract visitors from out of town are coordinated by a few different promotional groups. This one, Ruta de la Tapas happens twice a year and is excellent. If I recall there were 43 restaurants participating over the course of two weekends, (Thursday-Sunday) so 8 days total. I think we did 19 although there were a few repeats. This would be one of many reasons we decided to stay in Spain, lifestyle. Just a note, these events are not designed to be a bargain. On any given day you may have a nice Rioja (glass of red wine) and a tapa for $1-$1.5 euro. At these events it is $2.50 euro. However the tapas are ‘elevated’ meaning there is extra consideration in the ingredients and preparation and almost a competitive feeling between the restaurants to create something truly special. So are you ready? Lets have Tapas!

Our next stop was Bar La Gaviota. We both ordered the same thing because, soft shell crab. Cangrejo Blanco (soft shell crab) a la andaluza con salsa rosa.
So this was our final stop one weekend #1 of Tapas week at Ole Del Mar (it’s always two weekends) and our least favorite. It was at the marina Salinas so a bit out of the way. The bad part for us was not the tapa (though it was not especially good) but the service. We paid with a large bill (50 euro) as that was all we had and she came back with the incorrect change thinking we only gave her a $20. When we informed her of this she argued with us which is unacceptable. I made her go back to the cash register (there were very few people there so it would be easy to figure out) and look in the till. She came back with our correct change, but no apology. Anyway it was a Tarta de gambas y caviar. It was a bit cakey, out of the 17 dishes we had this day, probably the least favorite. It looked pretty though.

Weekend #2! Tapas ‘weeks’ are comprised of 8 days. Two weekends of 4 days each. We recovered from week one and we were ready to see what week #2 would bring. After being here for almost three years I have begun to see a pattern. The best Tapas are always on weekend #1. I do not know why that is. But here we go!!!

We next took the time to venture just a bit outside of central Torrevieja towards Playa Flamenca. The restaurant is Martinis and this place was loud, full of people and chaotically fun! We noticed most of the clientele was having the Menu Del Dia and it looked delicious. We would make plans to return here one day for a full lunch. *Insert: And we did a few months later and it was still loud and fun and the meal was excellent. A very local place.

And there you have it. Our very first Tapas week in Torrevieja. Sixteen restaurants, thirty tapas and thirty glasses of in two days. This is certainly one of the many reasons we fell in love with the lifestyle here and decided to stay for awhile. We are approaching our 3 year anniversary and wake up everyday with gratitude to be here. Even though the past year has been interesting to say the least with lock-downs and the pandemic there is no place we would rather be at this time.

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