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We have some excellent Chinese food here in Torrevieja. But that is about it when it comes to Asian. I long for those days of finding a small hole in the wall Pho joint with bowls of stock having been simmered for a week overflowing with tendons, tripe and fatty brisket. So Vietnamese, nope. Cambodian, no. Indonesian, not gonna happen. There is one Thai place but after three years we still have not given it a chance because it is too expensive. The multi course menu they offer is $39.99 euros for two persons and does not include wine, which is a bit much for Thai food.

So you can imagine our excitement when last year after quarantine a new Asian restaurant opened that features Chinese, Thai and Korean food called Mong Kok. We were hopefull, and after three visits incredibly pleased with our meals.

Today I will write about our second experience there. I ordered the 5 course menu del dia for $14.99 which includes one drink and coffee. It is enough to share so that is what we did though Terri-Lynn ordered an extra Pad Thai as she has been craving this for years. We had food to go so we were very glad we did not both order the menu del dia. The wine list is small but good as a nice Rioja is $9.50 a bottle. A Ribera Del Duero is $10.50 but they were out that day.

Table for three please

It is summer in Torrevieja so it is HOT! Too hot to eat outside so we walked in the restaurant and asked if Bisque Kitt could come in. Not only did they say yes, they closed all the windows and turned on the AC for us so this is a very good start indeed.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

The first course was Vietnamese Spring rolls. I really like how they used rice noodles instead of the typical wraps.

Sopa De Tom Kha Gai

Next up was the soup and this is where I knew everything would be OK. It was the first time in three years I have had the taste of Thai food in my mouth. It was very obvious it was made in house as there were small pieces of lemon grass, Kaffir lime leaves and galangal root floating in the rich coconut broth. At this point I was extremely happy.

Sichuan Duck with a spicy chilli sauce

For the main and rice course we chose a Chinese dish, Sichuan Duck with a spicy chilli sauce and basic fried rice with egg. The duck was excellent as I ordered it extra extra extra spicy of course. She said it was a 4 out of 5. Why not 5? Oh well, it was great and the spice level was good. They’ll eventually come to know that our spice level is way above most other people. We have had to train many restaurants in the past, it’s our job. The rice was basic which is the way we like it when having a saucy main. We made the mistake once ordering an Indian feast with 2 amazing curries and a super flavorful rice dish loaded with a variety of meats. It was too much. In my opinoin when ordering a complex flavorful dish it is best to have a plain rice to soak it all up.

Egg Fried Rice

Terri-Lynn’s Pad Thai was loaded with beef and shrimp and was quite good. It was missing something but for me that was actually OK. Pad Thai has never been my favorite dish as there is some flavor in there that I am not a big fan of. Upon years of research I have come to the conclusion it may be Tamarind which surprises me because I always have a block of tamarind in the refrigerator for some of my dishes. Anyway, a Pad Thai purest may feel that this dish is not truly authentic but we both really liked it and in fact we have returned since and ordered it again. Let’s also remeber that like all countries dishes will vary greatly region by region so perhaps this is an authentic version from where this family originates. The front of the house is run by the daughter and her Dad is the chef. She says he has some dishes that are not on the menu that may be possible to order next time, that is a guarantee we will be back.

Pad Thai
Are we done yet?

Yes it is hot and yes they have made a very comfortable enviroment for us so we are taking our time and making this last. Sorry Bisque Kitt. It was now time for dessert which was an ice cream ball with caramel and it included a coffee as well which makes this a very good value meal for two persons.

That was the end of a very nice experience which included as you can see excellent service from a friendly family that took in three hot people and made them feel very comfortable and welcome.

Today, a few weeks later we returned, not for a full menu but just for the Pad Thai and I tried one of their Thai curry dishes, the Beef Panang. Once again great service, the Pad Thai was excellent and the curry came out in a steaming hot clay pot. Of course I asked for it extra extra extra hot and the level was pretty OK. Probably still just a 4. I need to convince these people that if 5 is their hottest they should give me an 8. But it was excellent, the beef was super tender and there was A LOT of it!!! I actually could have taken less beef and more vegetables. Yeah I know, who complains about getting too much food?

I should also mention they have a few varieties of the Korean dish Bibimbap. I will definently be trying that on a future visit. Also on my radar are two more dishes from the Sichuan province, the Mapo Tofu and the Yushiang shredded pork. So yes, we very much do reccomend Mong Kok and I hope they make it. The location is in the center of town near the Mercadona but on a street that may not see a lot of foot traffic and certainly away from the promenade where all the tourists hang out so us locals will need to support this restaurant and I hope many of us will.

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