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There have been a number of new restaurants popping up in Torrevieja over the past year, many of which are bringing new and different types of foods to our area. Red Roo happens to be one of them. The menu items are not so unusual, burgers, nachos and ribs. But the meat choices are. On their web site they promote Zebra, Ostrich, Kangaroo and Crocodile. So, I was intrigued and had to check this place out.

It was a warm summer day in August and I was the first one in the restaurant. I asked if they had AC and the very helpful server led me to a small room in the back that he said gets ‘very cold’ and turned on the AC for me. I’ll start the review here, the service was excellent. The young waiter was extremely nice the entire time and helpful. I sat down, had a beer and waited for Terri-Lynn to show up for our lunch date, she was 30 minutes late. But the TV was playing beautiful nature images from Australia and of course I had my phone, gotta see whats happening in the news around the world. That is always appetizing.

To my disappointment our server says they do not have the zebra or ostrich at this location, apparently the Alicante restaurant has those but they do have kangaroo and crocodile here. I asked if I would really be able to tell the difference in meat if I just ordered a burger, he said absolutely. Terri-Lynn has been on the look out for decent nachos here, and so far the ones she has found in Torrevieja have been just mediocre or Mas o Menos. The pictures looked legit so she ordered the nachos and I had a slider sampler of two different kangaroo burgers and two crocodile burgers. First the nachos…

Nachos Red Roo – Full order $8.20 euro (a half size is available for $5.00 euro) Crispy nachos, nacho sauce, shredded beef, blend of melted cheeses, creme fraiche, pico de gallo and chives

So far the problem we have had with the nachos in Torrevieja are 1) the chips. they seem ‘old’ or stale. These were very crispy and fresh and well toasted as you can see in the photo. 2) the sauce, lets face it. Any kind of Mexican food here can be a challenge. This sauce was certainly not ‘Mexican’ but it had a nice flavor, it was good. 3) The meat is usually not so great. This meat was a tender stringy fall apart slow cooked beef. It was good. So, the nachos were a hit. Terri-Lynn says she will definently be back for this again. Although, it was huge, next time she says she will order the half portion. (You know who helped her eat the whole thing.) So that all depends on if we are sharing, I liked it.

Aussie Sliders – $13.00 euro. A sampling of their ‘exotic meats’ 1. Red Roo Kangaroo Brioche bun, red roo sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and carmelized onions. 2. Smoky Outback Kangaroo Brioche bun, BBQ sauce, cheddar, bacon, crispy onions. (the full size comes with a potato roll and an egg with double cheese) 3. Billabong Crocodile Brioche bun, Dundee sauce, lettuce, tomato, chillis, cheddar, bacon and mushrooms 4. Irwin Crocodile tartar sauce, lettuce, fresh onion, Havarti and bacon. (the full size of this comes with a black bun, that looks interesting)

They were all good. So, the main question is could I tell the difference in the taste of meat? The answer is yes. The kangaroo had a taste similar to beef but more gamey. It was nice and apparently very lean as kangaroos are mostly muscle. The crocodile had a flavor that was unique and something I had not tasted before. I really liked it and the ‘Irwin’ Burger was my favorite. I am especially interested in trying the full size version ($15.50 euro) with the black bun. I usually do not eat predators. Karma thing. I am a mountain trekker so no bears or mountain lion for me, I swim and hike through jungles in central America so normally no crocodiles, and I swim in the ocean so no sharks. Plus I am Hawaiian and the shark is one of our gods, so even though I am far from any type of religious person I still respect the whole shark thing of my ancestors.

The slider plate and all the full size burgers come with a side of house made fries. I usually do not eat fries but these were pretty good, crispy. I ate the whole thing, well Terri-Lynn had a few when I wasn’t looking.
The entire meal with four beers came to $30.80 euro. I consider this a moderately priced lunch for Torrevieja, not super cheap but reasonable. And, considering the food and the service was above average, highly recommended.
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